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About Jelajah Samudera

Jelajahsamudera, is a boat design and manufacturing company based in Asia. Our boats incorporate the founder’s German intrinsic engineering with contemporary design.

Jelajahsamudera manufactures a range of mono hull and catamaran boats, which combine style, individual customer needs, quality and unique performance requirements including economies of operation for the leisure and commercial markets.
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Our mono hulls are designed for rigorous ocean conditions and include rib style boats, diving launches, fishing boats and fast leisure cruisers with breathtaking exhilaration. The range of RIB style boats have solid foam filled tubes combined with the traditional deep V hull, they are based upon safety, practicality and ease of operation. The solid tubes provide the same buoyancy characteristics as inflatable tubes, but unlike inflatable hypalon type tubes our solid tubes do not require frequent replacement as they are not affected by UV light or chlorides.

Our range of launches and fast leisure cruisers, are based upon our Barracuda and Escape hull designs. The hulls, and a selection of deck and equipment configurations are based upon proven designs with many satisfied customers. We can recommend specific engines for each customers unique requirements.

We have a 16 m catamaran platform,  which can be equipped for entertaining, excursions or long weekends. Other models are specifically equipped for diving and costal exploration . Our catamaran ferries can transport up to 64 passengers with speeds of up to 20 knots. A covert military troop movement low signature cat is currently in the design stage. Ferries and industrial transport is a far less glamorous field, however smaller efficient and economic ferries   are essential for countries comprising a large archipelago. Our catamarans can transport stores and equipment up to 14 ton, and can include davits and a roll on roll off feature if required by the commercial or industrial customer.
Our management  and team highly skilled staff have many years of experience in boat building and F.R.P. fabrication. The composite and W.E.S.T. system of construction combined with the exclusive use of PP8-80 honey comb technology, German resin, and European sourced woven fiberglass mat, serves to create an excellent boat, a boat manufactured to international standards and International regulatory requirements.

Jelajahsamudera will be very happy to accommodate your personal design ideas and specific requirements in any of our range of boats.

We offer several options, including teak decking, quick dry upholstery, carbon fiber accents, customized electrical systems, interior cabin design and much more.

Our prices are competitive and combined with our craftsmanship and quality represent excellent value .

Please feel free to contact us, or one of our dealers worldwide for more information. Should you require, a quotation for any boat in our range , to include your unique requirements , please do not hesitate to contact us